Bande son original de la saison 1

Voici donc les chansons que vous pouvez écouter sur la BO de "Skins":


“Skins thème tune”  Fat Segal  => ici <=

“Standing in the way of control”   Gossip  => ici <= 

“Positive tension” Bloc Party => ici <=

“Date with the night”  Yeah Yeah Yeah=> ici <=

“Prince charming” Adam & the Ants=> ici <=

“Date for my Sweetheart” Archie Bronson Out

“Kelly Brown”  The Earlies

“Mongrel...Meet his maker” DJ Shadow

“Hell around the corner” Tricky

“Colourful” Skream

“It’s all over”  Broken Family Band=> ici <=

“Witness the fitness”  Root Manuva

“No pun intended” The Hives=> ici <=

“Totally wired” The Fall => ici <=

“May you never” John Martyn => ici <=

“Ah uh my hed” Shuggie Ortis

“Hammer without a Master” Broadcast

“You look great when I’m fucked up”  Brian Jonestown Massacre  

“Wild world” Sid (Mike Bailey) => ici <=

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